Huge Caterpillar for Kids to Climb

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Huge Caterpillar for Kids to Climb

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Huge Caterpillar for Kids to Climb

Are you looking for a climbing toy for your children? The ECR4Kids Happy Caterpillar Climbing Structure is a perfect climbing structure that kids will love. Its caterpillar shaped and is great for use outdoor and indoor. Its large boot shaped feet hold the structure firmly in place. It is easy to assemble. Measures 56.30-Inch by 37.00-Inch by 47.64-Inch.

Description of the Caterpillar Climbing Structure

Climb in, on, or around the ECR4Kids Happy Caterpillar. Discover this charming caterpillar climber specially designed for use indoors or out. Features brightly colored, body segments to entice preschoolers to climb, crawl and interact, while still fitting into limited spaces. Large boot-shaped "feet" hold the unit firmly in place. The possibilities are endless. Measures 56.30" by 37.00" by 47.64".

Climb in, on, or around the Happy Caterpillar! Kids' ages 2-4 will love to play on this colorful climber for hours of educational fun. The brightly colored body segments can be assembled in different ways with large "feet" holding the unit in place for safe play. The Happy Caterpillar can be used for indoor or outdoor fun. Happy Caterpillar

A Creative Place for Preschool Children to Experience Active Play Children will enjoy counting the Happy Caterpillars brightly colored feet and discover a variety of lively colors. Preschoolers will be enticed to climb up onto the Happy Caterpillar and hug its head and neck, or crawl through the sunlit tunnel. They can perch on top to sing songs with friends or listen to a story; what a neat place to gather! The Happy Caterpillar is great for active preschoolers to stretch their legs and imaginations!

Features Allow Multiple Chidlren to Enjoy Educational Interaction The multiple colors, tunnels and circles encourage young children to play indoors or outdoors. Friends can play safely at once on the Happy Caterpillar's colorful body segments. The Happy Caterpillar is big enough for preschoolers to enjoy and the perfect size to fit into limited space. Crawl on your belly through the belly of this smiling purple playmate. Durable and fade resistant, the Caterpillar is soundly constructed to withstand lots of love from playground pals.

Bright Purple Body and Multi-Colored Feet Interchangeable caterpillar feet let children decide exactly what they want their caterpillar to look like! After putting on the legs, the Happy Caterpillar is ready for active children to enjoy. Great for child care centers, playrooms, classrooms, indoors or outdoors for all-around fun!

What's In The Box?

Ready to assemble Happy Caterpillar comes with all the necessary tools and instruction for easy and quick assembly.


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